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Are you ready to move house .. are you really ?

There comes a stage in almost everyone’s life when it’s time to move house!  This can be a daunting task, but there are some key issues worth remembering to make the job a whole lot easier.

Firstly, don’t let the excitement of planning your new house take your focus away from presenting your existing house for sale .. at least until all the papers are signed!  Your home needs to appeal to as many buyers as possible, and areas worth particular attention are kitchens, bathrooms and the master bedroom.

This process need not cost a lot of money, but it will take some elbow grease and heavy duty cleaning products, so rope in as much help as you can, and get serious.  Before you start work, I suggest you ask the help of a straight-talking friend or Sandra from Colour Magic Interior Designer to give you an outsider’s view of your home, and ask them to state with absolute honesty where improvements are needed.

Declutter:  Try to secure storage space in a family garage (or allow some budget for self-storage) and pack up everything that clutters up corners and walk-through areas.  You’re going to have to pack it anyway, so get stuck in.  By emptying spaces, it allows the home to look bigger, and buyers can see its full potential.

Clean:  Clean like you’ve never cleaned before, including grout between tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, and make taps and accessories sparkle.  If required, new floor coverings and shower curtains will make a huge difference.

Refresh & Revitalise:  Where light, neutral tones already exist, your walls may only need a single coat of paint to freshen up.  However, if bold personalised colours are in place, then it’s important that these be toned down so that your home will appeal to a broader range of buyers.  Steam clean all carpets in good condition, otherwise replace with new ones in neutral tones, and rejuvenate furniture where you can, with varnish or paint.

Maximise Bedrooms:   Make sure that all rooms are used to their maximum potential.  If a bedroom is currently being used as a study, return it to a bedroom.  Studies are good selling points, but not if they replace a bedroom.  Study nooks can often be found under stairs, or in unused walk-through areas.

Update:  Whatever the age of your home, you may be competing with new builds in your area which are contemporary and stylish, so try to bring your home up to a similar standard, or it may stay on the market for a very long time.

Depersonalise:   Though not wanting to totally eradicating all signs of family life, by removing toys, excess photos, and all hobby paraphernalia, it allows buyers to imagine their own family in that home.

Emphasize the difference:  Stop and think what makes your home different from the rest, and emphasize those unique qualities.  It may help to remember what attracted you to your home many years ago, at the very first open for inspection.

Lighting:   Well-lit houses can sell twice as fast and for a much better price because buyers love bright, airy rooms, so pull all blinds and curtains away from windows, and strategically place mirrors and glass coffee tables so that light bounces back into rooms.

Staging:   Stage your home where necessary, by replacing oversized furniture with smaller pieces (borrow or hire) and crisp new bed linen works wonders.  For more information on this subject, see "Home Staging" below.

Pets:  Some buyers may not be pet lovers, so where possible, send your pets away on holiday during the selling campaign (or at least during viewings) and make sure their beds and other items cannot be seen .. or smelt !

Titivate:  Obviously, you won’t want to spend a lot of cash dressing your property for sale, but a small budget needs to be allowed at the end of the process for cushions, plants, flowers and candles.  Fresh fruit in the kitchen and scented spray will leave buyers with good memories of a fresh, clean home.

Curb Appeal:  Do not forget the ‘all important curb appeal’, and make sure that all garden rubbish is removed, lawns are mowed, and pots with fresh plants are placed in view, preferably close to the front door.  If you’re not a keen gardener, don’t panic, with any luck you won’t have to water them for long!

Finally and most importantly ... do not take your eye off the ball.  Hopefully after all this hard work, your home will sell quickly, but whilst the campaign is in full swing, it is vital that your home is presented at its absolute best for all viewings.

Once it’s all over, the papers are signed, and you’ve sunk into the sofa with a congratulatory glass of bubbly, it will all have been worth it.

Then you can start planning the next phase !!


Home staging

Home staging (also known as Home Styling) is the art of furnishing a property specifically for sale, adding a significant percentage to the sale price achieved, in a shorter time-frame.  The 60 second video below shows examples of some recently staged properties.

The expertise in staging a property correctly, comes from choosing the right furniture to compliment the style of the home and accentuating the qualities and unique characteristics, whilst at the same time neutralising any negative aspects to present each home to its best possible advantage.

Staging a home for sale is a very similar process to a bride preparing for her wedding day, and requires the same level of detail.

A bride-to-be will choose a dress colour and fabric to suit her figure and complexion. Her hair will be styled, nails polished and immaculate make-up applied, probably by a professional. She’ll most likely wear glittery jewellery, and high heeled shoes to give extra height. This is exactly the same process engaged by Colour Magic in staging a home for sale. The method involves bringing out the very best features of each home with the use of eye-catching colours which photograph well, using cushions, throws, accessories, bedlinen and art, all balanced with interesting and elegant furniture to accentuate the positive aspects of each home.

Sandra's warehouse in Mornington is packed with beautiful furniture and accessories.  There are beds, sofas and dining tables of all sizes and styles, beautiful bed linen, cushions in all the colours of the rainbow, and occasional furniture in a myriad of styles, mostly from LaForma Barcelona Living.

(Please Note:  Sandra from Colour Magic Interior Design is the Mornington Peninsula representative for LaForma Barcelona Living furniture, which has considerable popularity in 51 countries worldwide, and came to Australia 3 years ago.  To view LaForma’s full range of furniture and accessories, click on then call Sandra for best prices and free delivery throughout Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.)

So what-ever the style of home .. either industrial, contemporary, classical or beachy, home owners and property developers who engage Sandra's creativity to stage their properties can sell much faster and for a considerably higher return.

Just click on:  to view the 60 second video showing examples of some properties which have been recently staged by Colour Magic Interior Design.



HOME  ..  Your home is your haven, a place where you can express the real YOU.  So whether it’s a total renovation or a simple change-of-colour transformation, Sandra will work with you, using her many years’ experience, to create the beautiful home you’ve always wanted.

BUSINESS..  If you’ve recently moved to new premises, or just need a NEW LOOK for your existing office or small business, Sandra will create the professional atmosphere needed to give your business the edge!

PROPERTY..  Property Staging creates an immediate first impression by using quality furniture, achieving a higher sale price in the quickest possible time.  Property investors, developers and home owners alike, use Sandra’s talents to prepare their properties to sell FASTER and EASIER, with a CONSIDERABLY HIGHER RETURN.

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