Auswide Plant Trailers

Auswide Equipment introduced the concept of aluminium  plant trailers to Australia. Our trailers are readily
identified by their stylish appearance, design features and high standards of engineering.
As Austrailia's top selling manufacturer of aluminium plant trailers, we offer a comprehensive range of models from 2 to 4.5 tonne capacity. Each model has innovative features designed to make life easier for plant operators.
Designed and engineered to meet the stringent demands of the construction industry, our long lasting trailers are lighter, yet stronger than mild steel, to provide more economical towing.
Fully compliant with the Australian Design Regulations, the design of each model has been certified by an
independent engineer.

Our Complete Range of Trailers

MLP 002

2 tonne Mini Loader Plant Trailer  Click here for brochure

2 Tonne Trailer     2 Tonne side view

MEP 002-4

2.4 tonne Mini Excavator Plant Trailer  Click here for brochure

24 Tonne     24 Tonne Profile

MEP 003-5

3.5 tonne Mini Excavator Plant Trailer  Click here for brochure

Trailer 35 Tonne     35 Tonne

MEP 004-0

4.0 tonne Mini Excavator Plant Trailer  Click here for brochure

Trailer 4 Tonne     Trailer 4 Tonne Ramp Down

3.5 /4 Tonne Roller Trailer

3.5/4.0 tonne Roller Trailer  Click here for brochure

35 Tonne      35 Tonne Roller Trailer

 MEP 004-5

 4.5 tonne Mini Excavator Plant Trailer  Click here for brochure

45 Tonne Ramp up      45 Tonne Ramp Down

Aluminium Bike Trailer

Light Weight Bike trailer at only 135kg. Single axle with 13 “ wheels. Can be manufactued to suit 1, 2 or 3 bikes. Also comes with ramps. No brakes required.

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Why it makes good sense to select an AusWide Trailer

If you want to load, unload and transport your machine with minimum fuss-then it makes sense to select an Auswide Plant Trailer.

 • Each model individually balanced for ideal towing
 • Lighter and stronger than mild steel with a more economical towing weight
 • Fold up ramps 
 • Long life nylon bush on ramp shafts eliminates travel shuddder
 • Available in your machine's primary corporate colour
 • Interchangeable between machines of the same weight
 • LED lighting 12-24 volt
 • Tie down points to secure equipment/machine
 • Non-slip coating on mudguards
 • Easy to manoeuvre by hand
 • VIN plated
 • Range of options available
 • Fully compliant with Australian Design Regulations
 • 12 Months warranty (conditions apply)