Auswide Leveller/Smudger Bars

LevellerAusWide Leveller/Smudger Bars are designed to make life easier for plant operators.
Constructed from tubular steel, our bars are strong, structurally sound, fully engineered and easy to attach.
For safety purposes, our bars are painted in highly visible colours. When working, the front edge can be clearly seen from the operator's seat to eliminate guesswork when positioning the bar.
An innovative pickup point is built into each bar to ensure there is no point load thus preserving the buckets cutting edges. Wear plates can also be fitted.
AusWide Leveller/Smudger Bars fit most 4 in 1 buckets and are available in two popular sizes.

Why it makes sense to select an AusWide Leveller/Smudger Bar!

• All steel construction for strength and durability

• Innovative pickup point

• Painted in higly visible colour for safety purposes

• Front edge can be seen from operators seat- noguesswork involved

• Easy to attach

• Fits most 4 in 1 buckets

• Wear plates can be fitted

• Available in two popular sizes

LevellerNo Point load device ensures bucket cutting edges are undamaged.